Betterment Climate Impact Portfolio

Betterment Climate Impact Portfolio, The Betterment Climate Impact Portfolio is a global green bond ETF. It incorporates three pillars of investing – fossil free, low carbon, and green. As the name suggests, it invests in companies that are creating solutions to climate change. It is a low-cost option for socially conscious investors. Read on to learn more about this fund. To learn more about Betterment’s Climate Impact Portfolio, click here.

Betterment Climate Impact Portfolio

Betterment’s climate impact portfolio is a global green bond ETF

While it’s true that Betterment offers retirement accounts, it also provides non-retirement accounts that include a variety of socially responsible investments. These include traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, rollover IRAs, and taxable accounts. The Betterment Climate Impact Portfolio is a new global green bond ETF that invests in companies that are actively working to reduce their carbon footprint. This portfolio also invests in companies that have a focus on climate adaptation and pollution control.

It uses an ESG framework

In a new article for Bloomberg, Carbon Collective CEO Zach Stein argues that a successful climate impact investment should be based on ESG principles. The authors note that the voluntary sustainability reporting processes used by investment firms are often less scrutinized. While vague statements are often deemed as marketing speech, disclosures about investments in sustainability projects follow stricter standards. The article suggests that investing in sustainable projects may prove more profitable than investing in conventional investments.

It invests in companies that are building solutions to climate change

The Betterment Climate Impact portfolio aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its globally diversified stock portfolio. The fund allocates 50% of its stock basket to climate-friendly companies with an expense ratio of 0.20%. The Climate Impact portfolio was launched on Earth Day 2015 with an initial investment from the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund. It now holds nearly $650 million and is rapidly gaining scale.

It is a low-cost solution for socially conscious investors

As a low-cost solution for socially aware investors, Betterment has created the Betterment Climate Impact Portfolio. This portfolio tracks large-cap companies without fossil-fuel reserves. Betterment has excluded pipeline manufacturers, which trade in fossil fuels, from its portfolio. Betterment has also committed about half of its stock portfolio to CRBN, which aims to elevate the most environmentally-friendly companies within each industry.

Betterment Climate Impact Portfolio

It is an experiment

After a year of testing and evaluation, Betterment recently announced a climate-focused portfolio. The company also added a social impact fund and an SRI portfolio to its product line. The company has said the climate impact portfolio meets the needs of investors who care about the environment. But there are risks. For example, some investors may not want to own shares in companies that manufacture or trade fossil fuels. While the Betterment climate impact portfolio is still an experiment, it’s already passed $100 million in assets.

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