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Chime Loan Apps That Work With Chime, If you have a Chime account, you can use this to access payday loans. However, before you request a loan, be sure to read the fine print and know what you’re getting into. This will prevent problems down the road. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below. Read on to find out more about each of them. This article provides an overview of the different Chime loan apps.


If you need a quick cash advance, MoneyLion is a good choice. Its incredibly easy to qualify for a loan and receive money within a few hours. All you need is a bank account that you have been using for at least two months, regular income deposits, and a positive checking balance. You can also sign up for other services, like credit score tracking, personal loans, and managed investments.

The MoneyLion App can be used to request an Instacash advance. Once you have the MoneyLion App on your phone, you can link your Chime account with it. To do this, just sign up for a RoarMoneySM account, and choose the Chime account in the More Options section. Once the account is linked, you can begin applying for cash advances.


If you’re interested in getting a quick cash advance, Cleo is an excellent choice. It offers up to $100, no credit check and no interest, and is available in all 50 states. While you should check to make sure it is in your state, new members can qualify for up to $20. Then, after building up a history, you can qualify for the full $100, or more. You can choose to repay your loan manually or automatically based on your payment history.

Chime users can also use Cleo, a loan app, for free. Cleo works seamlessly with Chime accounts. It allows you to set up your own personal budget, qualify for a loan and pay it back in one month. You can receive up to $100 in cash through Cleo for as little as $5.99 a month. To receive this money, you simply need to connect your debit card to your Chime account.


Chime’s new loan app works with Dave’s cash advance service to provide instant cash advances up to $100. Dave helps members avoid bank overdraft fees by providing a cash advance on the date of their next payday or Friday. Dave does not charge interest, and members are required to pay a monthly subscription fee. Chime members can choose from a list of participating banks to access the service. Once they have a Chime account, they can log in with their existing Dave account information.

Dave’s offers a variety of loans that are FDIC-insured and are made through possible finance. These loans are paid back over several months and are not automatically deducted from your next deposit. The company also reports your payments to credit bureaus. Although the company supports some Chime accounts, the app may not be the best option for freelancers. For these reasons, you may want to think twice before registering with the service.


Earnin’ with Chime is an app that allows users to link their Chime account with their Earnin account. Users must have an active Chime account in order to link the two. Earnin does not charge any fees or interest when paying for your earnings. Earnin does, however, ask for a tip when advancing your paycheck. This option may not work for everyone. But if you’re willing to take the chance, Earnin is worth a try.

Once you’ve linked your Chime bank account with Earnin, you can use the app to transfer your money. However, it’s important to note that you can only link one bank account at a time, and there’s a high chance that you may be unable to connect your accounts with both apps. The app does offer a test mode, however, to ensure that Earnin is compatible with your bank account.

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