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Consumer Auto Receivables Finance, If you are looking for car loan financing options, there are a few different ways to go about it. One of these options is through a consumer auto receivables finance firm. These firms specialize in lending to car dealers and have extensive experience in the industry. In this article, you will learn about Santander Drive, Permanent TSB, and Citizen Irish Auto Receivables Trust. This article will also give you a brief background on the two companies.

Securitization of car loans

The market for securitization of car loans has grown at a considerable pace since its inception in the 1980s, offering investors unique benefits. Securitization of automobile loans gives investors broad geographic diversification and security interest in tangible collateral. Securitized car loans are also attractive because they offer stable payment streams with little impact from volatile interest rates. Furthermore, they help investors determine their own level of risk by providing a reliable credit risk profile.

The main benefit of securitization is that it minimizes the asset-liability mismatch and removes funding risk. In contrast, borrowings are expensive and securitization allows investors to create a self-funded asset book. In addition, securitization can lock in profits for a block of business. And while it may not be illegal, it distorts the market and can create false profits.

Citizen Irish Auto Receivables Trust 2017 Designated Activity Company

Citizen Irish Auto Receivables Trust 2017 is a Limited by Shares company that was incorporated on April 6, 2017. Its current status is Active, and it has one shareholder. Its Eircode is IE73. It has 75.0 directors. The company was initiated on April 6, 2017, and is located in BDO, Ireland. It is a listed Intermediate company, and has 75.0 directors.

In June 2017, Citizen Irish Auto Receivables Trust 2017 DAC issued EUR158.2 million in asset-backed securities. The Trust extended car loans to Irish borrowers. The underlying assets were Car Loans – a type of static cash securitisation. The company issued Class A notes. It has since received upgrades from the three credit agencies that rate its bonds. The upgrade reflects its strong performance.

Santander Drive

The DRIVE-2015-A offering of Santander Consumer USA Inc. is a new platform for auto receivables financing that is backed by deep subprime assets. This is a separate offering from the Chrysler Capital Auto Receivables Trust. The Trust is backed by $712 million in auto loan receivables. The Trust will service the Drive 2015-A loans.

Santander Consumer USA Inc. is a Delaware limited liability company and an Illinois corporation. The transaction involves a portfolio of motor vehicle receivables and related property. The underlying securities are owned by the issuer or a third party. The issuer retains a percentage of the Retained Interest to meet its obligations under the Regulation RR and the Regulation (EU) No. 575/2013.

Permanent TSB

A new deal has been struck between the German banking giant and the Permanent TSB group to sell the car finance business. Permanent TSB will hand over most of its loan portfolio to Consumer Auto Receivables Finance, a company controlled by Deutsche Bank. This deal will also see the bank sell its unsecured personal loan business Blue Cube and a smaller portfolio of mainly corporate loans. In the end, this deal will result in the disposal of EUR351 million worth of loans to the new German owner.

The decision is significant for both sides. The company is being taken over by the state, but a small portion of its stock remains listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. The sale will include consumer auto receivables finance and a small portfolio of corporate loans. The sale of “non-core” loans to companies like Consumer Auto Receivables Finance is common practice for Irish banks. This case will be heard in early April.

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