Finance Bro Starter Pack

Finance Bro Starter Pack, For the finance bro in your life, a starter pack is the perfect choice. This fun and affordable gift includes the t-shirt, vest, and sticker series. All products are designed by independent artists and printed on quality products using socially responsible practices. Every purchase puts money in the artist’s pocket. So, buy a Patagonia vest for yourself or your finance bro! The options are endless. Whether you want to give the gift of a gift certificate or something more substantial, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Starter Pack.

Finance Bro Starter Pack


There are many ways to show your support for the Finance Bro emoji, from purchasing merch to participating in charity events. All of the Finance Bro merchandise is designed by independent artists and printed on top-quality products in a socially conscious manner. Every purchase directly supports the artists’ causes, making them a great way to show your support for the finance bro meme. So, what should you buy? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite starter pack merchandise for you to choose from.

Patagonia vests

When it comes to the perfect business attire, nothing compares to Patagonia vests for finance bros. A combination of utility and elitist homogeneity, these vests provide the perfect balance of douchiness and class. Plus, they’re perfect for happy hour opps, too, with pockets big enough to stash a small plasticine baggy or USB drive with nicotine.

Patagonia t-shirts

The latest in a series of financial industry controversies has patagonia t-shirts in the spotlight. The Ventura-based company says it will stop making sleeveless fleece for Wall Street types and will focus more on corporate clients that share its mission to protect the environment and promote social good. It will also implement a “B Corp” policy for all new clients, making the company a lot more selective in its corporate clients. According to the company, certified B Corporations treat workers and the environment with care.

Finance Bro Starter Pack

Patagonia loafers

In a recent announcement, Patagonia said it would no longer produce finance bro-style vests. But that hasn’t stopped finance bros from buying their products. The company has been working on removing corporate logos from its apparel for two years. In the meantime, Patagonia has become one of the go-to brands for the finance industry. The Finance Bro look, also known as business bro or banker bro, is defined by clean-cut white dudes, pastel button-down shirts, and ill-fitting khakis. Patagonia loafers, meanwhile, are an excellent option for completing the Finance Bro look.

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