NAICS Code 611410 – Business and Secretarial Schools

NAICS Code 611410 – Business and Secretarial Schools, What is NAICS Code 611410 – Business and Secretarial Schools? This article will provide you with a detailed market overview of this industry. You will find information about the market size, trends, and courses offered. This information will help you choose a school that best suits your career goals. Interested in learning more? Download our market report now. We’ll show you how the business and secretarial schools industry is changing.

NAICS Code 611410 - Business and Secretarial Schools

NAICS Code 611410 – Business and Secretarial Schools

Establishments in the NAICS code 611410 – Business and Secretaorial Schools industry offer courses for office procedures, communications, reception, and secretarial skills. These classes teach the skills needed for various office settings and may include correspondence or simulation methods. Businesses in the NAICS code 611410 employ a total of 2,778 workers. Listed below are some examples of businesses in the NAICS code 611410:

There were 581 secretarial and business schools operating in the United States in the mid-1990s. These schools employed more than 10,000 people and earned $554 million in revenue. Approximately half of these businesses are located in the West, where the economic climate is more favorable. In addition to secretarial schools, some establishments offer professional business training to veterans and members of the military. The business environment is changing rapidly, and many people are looking for ways to improve their careers.

Market size

The report is 36 pages long and provides detailed historical and forecasted industry data. It includes key metrics such as profitability, growth, and opex/revenue split. It also provides company-level statistics by state, including payroll, inflation, and employee productivity. This market report includes industry-specific forecasts to 2022. Despite its broad scope, it is specialized in a narrow segment of the education market, including business and secretarial schools.

To better understand the market size of business and secretarial schools, we can look at their current and historical data. According to Naics 2017 – the state classification system for businesses, business and secretarial schools have a code of 61141. We can also use statistics provided by Statista to estimate future market size for the sector. For better insights, download the full report. We are confident that you’ll be pleased with the results!


The Market Research Report on Business and Secretarial Schools outlines the latest industry trends. The research report is based on more than 100 data sets and covers the years 2013 to 2026. The data included in the report include historical and forecast market size, profitability, operating expense details, consolidation analysis, and trends. The report also includes an analysis of the top 20 jobs in the sector. The report is available for purchase today.

The salaries of well-trained secretaries have risen steadily. In turn, the popularity of secretarial schools is also growing. Today, salaries for secretaries have increased and the marketability of their skills has become a competitive factor in the job market. However, some professionals caution against overemphasizing word-processing skills over the more valuable skills such as shorthand. While the current market trends for secretarial programs are encouraging, local schools are also being rated on their ability to place graduates in well-paying jobs.

NAICS Code 611410 - Business and Secretarial Schools

Courses offered

Secretarial work requires a high level of communication, including good grammar, punctuation, and spelling. English courses teach students how to effectively communicate through text and also develop their expository writing skills. Transcription, a core class in most programs, helps students learn to operate a typing machine and create a written record of a spoken communication. Students also learn to work with records management systems and maintain filing systems. Some secretarial programs also require students to take classes on how to maintain and organize files.

Washington School for Secretaries is one of the biggest schools in the Washington, D.C. area, with an average class size of two. The school starts its students on Radio Shack TRS-80 computers and gradually upgrades their equipment to memory typewriters and word processors. There is one machine for every two students. Students learn how to use modern office procedures, record keeping, and business law. Graduates are awarded associate degrees in “secretarial science.”

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